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RIGCHINA’s origins began with the manufacturing of highly specialized laboratory and field instruments. We have provided instruments and reagents for testing drilling fluids, well cements, and hydraulic drilling instrumentation and systems. In addition to these product lines we also offer a range of instruments for core analysis.

Our products are designed to conform to the testing standards of the API Recommended Practice 13B-1 and 13B-2 and are suitable for field and laboratory use.
For over 30 years RIGCHINA's manufacturing facility has produced the highest quality measurement instruments in the industry. The facility is ISO 9001 certified with a fully equipped machine shop, an experienced skilled workforce and test laboratory to certify the accuracy of each piece of equipment prior to shipment.

RIGCHINA segregates into four core businesses

Our comprehensive line of hydraulic instrumentation and systems includes:
• Weight indicators
• Rotary torque systems
• Tong torque and tong line pull indication systems
• Deadline Anchors
• Mud pressure systems
• Recorders
Our drilling fluids testing equipment product line includes innovative designs, which showcases our ability to develop new technology to meet customer and industry demands. We also offer Viscometer, Retorts, Aging Cells, Roller Ovens, Mud Balances, Filter Presses, and all other instruments required to evaluate drilling fluid properties according to API Recommended Practice 13B-1 and 13B-2.
Our cement testing equipment product line includes innovative designs. We offer Ultrasonic Cement Analyzers (UCA), Constant Speed Blenders, Automated HTHP Consistometers, and all other instruments required to evaluate cement properties according to API Specification 10.
Our extensive line of core analysis equipment includes equipment for preparing core samples, routine testing, and advanced analysis.
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