6“ Mud Pressure Gauge with Valve, Model YKB-160
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6“ Mud Pressure Gauge with Valve, Model YKB-160

Mud Pressure Gauges provide a quick, accurate display of pump pressure. Main applications are for standpipes and to be mounted on mud pumps. This style of gauge has been in service for many years and has proven to be a tough, dependable and reliable way to monitor pump pressure.
  • YKB-160


RIGCHINA’s gauges provide quick, accurate readings of your rigs. 

Provides quick, accurate check on mud pump operation; helps detect washed out drill pipe or bit nozzle problems.

Mud Pump Pressure is extremely important to the drilling process. The Mud Pump Pressure Gauge enables the driller to monitor the pressure while drilling. Any unusual change in pressure will alert the driller of down hole problems. Pressure too low could indicate washed out pipe or bit nozzle, loose joint or broken drill string, worn pump packing or liners, or lost returns due to formation breakdown. Pressure too high could indicate a plugged drill bit or an increase in mud density or viscosity. Reliable indication of mud pump pressure provides an early warning of circulation problems, enabling the driller to make corrections avoiding major problems.


6″ dial face for a large and clear reading display

After years of service, this gauge has been proven accurate even in the most extreme of conditions.

Unique mounting design allows the gauge to be mounted wherever it is needed most: bracket mount, drillers console, panel mounted, etc.

360 degree calibration allows you to see all pressure changes, no matter how small.

Adjustable gauge sensitivity to increase reading accuracy in all situations.

Fluid technology protects the gauge from harsh winter conditions and rig vibrations.

To Order, Specify:


Required capacity

Gauge mounting designs

English or Metric divisions