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    Mud Cooler for Rheometer Model MRC-35
    The Mud Cooler for Rheometer provides controlled sample cooling for a Viscometer. The circulating chiller is capable of regulated sample cooling; from ambient temperature to -20°C.
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    Garrett Gas Train (GGT) Model RHS-2
    Measures the concentration of soluble sulfides and soluble carbonates The Garrett Gas Train (GGT) measures the concentration of sulfides or carbonates in drilling fluids and drilling fluid filtrates. This measurement gives a quantitative indication of the rate and amount of intrusion of hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide from the formation in the drilling fluid.
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    Wet Sieve Analysis Kit Model PSA-635
    Designed as a simple, accurate, and reproducible test method for particle size analysis by wet sieving, as specified in API Specification 13A.
    The Standard screens is 200 and 325-mesh
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    Sand Content Test Kit Model RSCT-200
    A simple, accurate and inexpensive sieve analysis apparatus for determining the sand content of drilling muds.
    Mesh   sieve: 200-mesh sieve 2½ inches in diameter    Glass   measuring cylinder:100ml
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    Basic Slurry Test Kit Model RC-820
    The Mud Testing Kit is designed to provide all necessary drilling fluid testing equipment required for field testing of drilling fluids according to API Recommended Practice 13B-1. All kits may be custom designed to meet customers' individual specifications. Special requests and suggestions are always welcome.
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    Lubricity Tester Model EP-212
    The lubricity test is designed to simulate the torque and drag produced by a given drilling fluid down-hole.
    Measure the lubricating quality of drilling fluids Provide data to evaluate the type and quantity of lubricating additives that may be required
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    Electrical Stability Tester Model EST-23E
    The electrical stability (ES) of an oil-based drilling fluid is related to the stability of the emulsion and oil-wetting capability.
    It conforms to the test procedure described in  API Recommended Practice 13B-2. 
    Output voltage range:0 to 2025   V ± 25 V peak to ground (1432 RMS) Breakdown peak output current   :61 micro-amps (1.59mm)
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    Digital Resistivity Meter Model RC-88C
    Resistivity meters measure the resistivity of fluids, slurries or semi-solids.  These solid state electronic instruments are designed to meet the needs of field and laboratory personnel for resistivity measurement according to API procedure.
    Resistivity Range: 0.01 to 100 Ohm-Meters
    Temperature Range: 10 to 50℃
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    Methylene Blue Test Kit RMBT-25
    The Methylene Blue Test determines the amount of reactive solids in a fluid sample, based on the cation exchange capacity of the solids.
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    Capillary Suction Timer (CST) Model CST-440
    Adaptable for use as a control parameter for waste disposal facilities The Model CST-440 Capillary Suction Timer (CST) consists of a digital timer, sample cell, and a specially selected filter paper composed of unidirectional fibers.
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    HPHT Filter Press Model HFP-42D,Double Capped Cell for Ceramic Disks
    The HTHP Filter Press is designed to evaluate the filtration characteristics of drilling fluids, cement slurries, fracturing fluids, and completion fluids under elevated temperatures and pressures.
    Maximum   Temperature : 350℉ (177℃)
    175ml Double Capped Sample Cell for Ceramic Disks
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    Electric viscometer , Model RC-35D
    We use viscometers that routinely measure viscosity as a function of shear rate together with rheometers that can characterize the solid-like properties of the same material.API Tests Pre-programmed,6 presets 600, 300, 200, 100, 6, 3
    Push button design for easy operation and better control