Basic Slurry Test Kit Model RC-820
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Basic Slurry Test Kit Model RC-820

The Mud Testing Kit is designed to provide all necessary drilling fluid testing equipment required for field testing of drilling fluids according to API Recommended Practice 13B-1.

All kits may be custom designed to meet customers' individual specifications. Special requests and suggestions are always welcome.

  • RC-820


  • 162-00

Part No. 162-00 Basic Slurry Test Kit Portable Lab Model RC-820

The Basic Slurry Test Kit Model RC-820 is a portable kit with materials and equipment for

measuring slurry properties. With this kit, the user can obtain laboratory-quality

measurements of Marsh funnel viscosity, specific gravity or density, pH, water

hardness, and sand content. Due to its design, this kit can be custom tailored to meet specific requirements.

These tests comply with API Recommended Practice for Field Testing Water

Based Drilling Fluids, API RP 13B-1.

Users can make rapid, onsite measurements in the lab, field, or on the drilling rig.


All testing instruments are contained in a customized high-impact plastic carrying case. The case is durable, compact, and provides convenient storage.


Basic Rig   Lab Model RC-820 Components:

Part   No.






Marsh Funnel Viscometer

Measuring Cup, 1000 ml

Mud Balance, metal, 0.7-2.9 g/cm3/( 5.8-24.2   1b/gal )

Funnel, Sand Content

Sieve, 200 Mesh

Glass Measuring Tube

Water Hardness Test Strips

Wash Bottle, 500ml

Stopwatch, digital

Wide range pHydrion pH Dispense, pH   1-14

* Optional items


Crated Size: 13.8" × 9.8" ×   7.9" (35 × 25 × 20 cm)

Crated Weight: 17.6 lb (8.0 kg)