High Shear Mixer Model D-300
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High Shear Mixer Model D-300

For larger amounts of mud, we recommend the High Shear Mixer!

High Shear Mixer with Stainless Steel Stand,

AC 230 Volt, 4, 000 rpm/minute

  • D-300
  • 151-15

Part No. 151-15 High Shear Mixer Model D-300

The High Shear Mixer (Dispersator)   mixing head that pumps material into the hollow mixing chamber and outward through the chamber openings. The blades on the mixing head are designed to draft material from above and below the mixing head and pull it into the chamber. The suction of the blades and flow through the chamber provide a more homogeneous material mix compared to other mixers which rely exclusively on centrifugal force.

The High Shear Mixer achieves a higher shear in less time and maintains a homogeneous material mix without shear depreciation. The mixing head is easily disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. The high shear mixing head and shaft can be provided separately to replace the existing blades and shafts on suitable mixing motors. The mixing motor is mounted on a durable, stable stand that will not vibrate during mixing.

Part No. 151-15 High Shear Mixer Specifications



Technical   Parameters


Volts/Hz /Power

AC230V±5%;50Hz /300W






55L(15 gallons)


Packing Information

25*37*70cm ,18.0kg