Midget Weight Indicator Systems
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Midget Weight Indicator Systems

Compact, versatile, portable weight indicator for small drilling and workover rigs
Instant, accurate indications of total hook load and net weight on bit enable faster, more efficient drilling

Midget Weight Indicator Systems

Rugged, portable weight indicator systems ideal for small rigs and well service units

Housed in sturdy portable consoles, The hydraulic Midget and Super Midget Weight Indicator systems provide accurate weight indications for small rigs and well service units. Each system includes an Indicator, a Load Cell, and a Hydraulic Hose.


• Hydraulically operated — loaded with hydraulic fluid before shipment

• No external power source required

• Accurate measurements in extreme conditions — operational in ambient temperature range of -50° to 150° F

(-45° to 65° C)

• Accuracy as shipped from the factory of ± 1/2 of 1 percent of full scale capacity

• Maximum capacity of 25,000 pounds per line (Midget) and 30,000 pounds per line (Super Midget)

• Available in 6″ or 8 1/2″ gauge


 Size of rig

 Derrick capacity in pounds

 Size of drilling wireline

 Number of lines

 Required hose length (25-foot standard)