Unitized Pressure Gauges Model 7U
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Unitized Pressure Gauges Model 7U

Standpipe Gauges provide a quick, accurate display of pump pressure. Main applications are for standpipes and to be mounted on mud pumps. This style of gauge has been in service for many years and has proven to be a tough, dependable and reliable way to monitor pump pressure.
  • 7U


  • 200-7U

Standpipe Pressure Gauges & Unitized Pressure Gauges (UMG) that come standard with a 2″ male NPT, 2” 1502 hammer union type, flanged type and threaded. These mud pump pressure gauges (also known as Standpipe Manifold Gauges) are easily view-able at distances and provide the same reliability as our standard 6” gauges. Just like reading a large clock at a distance, RIGCHINA UMGs offer provide an easy-to-view, full-faced, liquid-filled dial, unlike a Type F or D that only has a half-moon shaped dial. With built in dampener assembly and blow-out plug safety feature, these gauges stand up to over-pressure situations, kicks, and rig vibrations.  This style of gauge is ideal for mud pumps, stand pipes, choke manifolds and pump trucks and can be used in cementing, fracturing, and acidizing gravel-packing trucks, blowout preventers, and mud pump pressure gauge applications.

All RIGCHINA Unitized Mud Pressure Gauges are built to meet or exceed API specifcations.

To Order Standpipe Pressure Gauge Specify:

1.      Pressure capacity

2.      Metric, English or dual scale dial reading

3.      Standard 2”NPT, Hammer Union or Flange type

4.      Standard or H2S service