Electric viscometer , Model NRC-130
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Electric viscometer , Model NRC-130

We use viscometers that routinely measure viscosity as a function of shear rate together with rheometers that can characterize the solid-like properties of the same material.API Tests Pre-programmed,6 presets 600, 300, 200, 100, 6, 3
Push button design for easy operation and better control
  • NRC-130


  • 130-35

Model NRC-130 LCD Electric Viscometer,Part No. 130-06


The Model NRC-130 Electric LCD Viscometer measures rheological properties of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.


This rheometer is equipped with R1 Rotor Sleeve, B1 Bob, F1 Torsion Spring, and a stainless steel sample cup for testing according to American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice.


The Rheometer is suitable for field or laboratory use. A case is available for transporting this instrument.


•     Pre-programmed API profiles for quick and efficient testing

•     Secure fit, left-hand turn for rotor/right-hand turn for bob to help prevent detachment when measuring high viscosity fluids

•     OLED display for easier reading

•     Push button design for easy operation and better control


Model NRC-130 LCD Electric Viscometer  Specifications

Part No.


Description   &Technical Parameters



Power: 100-240   VAC, 50/60 Hz

Speeds ange:6   preset(600,300,200,100,6,3)

Shear Rate   Range (sec-1): .017-1700

Speed   Accuracy: 0.001 rpm

Dial   Accuracy: 0.5

Dial   Resolution: 0.1

Sample Cup   Volume : 500ml

Torsion   Spring : F1

Rotor-Bob :   R1, B1

Operating   Temperature : 40℉    to 125℉ (4.4℃ to 52℃)

Size:   6.5" × 6" × 18" (16.5 × 15 × 46 cm)
  Weight: 30lb (14 kg)